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Funk Collective
released: 2018
(c) ROBA; chriscontrol, TNG
produced by TNG & chriscontrol

Funk Collective is an Album dedicated to FUNK !

chriscontrol & Hermann Behrens aka TNG teamed up with the best to create this unique sound: sweet, funky, groovy, happy and soulful that´s FUNK COLLECTIVE !

A few words from Chris & Hermann:

We are proud to call ROBBIE SMITH our drummer on this project. Robbie is absolutely amazing to capture the right vibe and always delivers.

MIKEL ALLEN played bass on several tunes. We really like his timing and the big sound. Experienced and edgy at the right moment - perfect companion for any kind of solid bass work.

MANOU THE FUNKY CHICK helped us with her ability to play soulful licks on her flute. Also Manu gave us the right Trumpetlines to make the Brass Lines really shine. She´s an amazing talented musician and understands perfectly what the track needs.