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Music Production

since 1998 chriscontrol writes, produces and performs music live and in the studio. He produces many genres and styles which all have one thing in common: the beat & the feeling.
chriscontrol produced mainly chilled out beats & electronica, but also got a loving heart for HipHop, Funk & Soul, Ragga etc… Always thinking forward, combining old and new school flavors.
Chris has also produced a lot of TV & Advertising Music, where his versatility and understanding the specific needs for the music that has to be done and placed, stands out from the crowd.
Chris work´s can be heard at: Pro7, Sat1, Vox. Disney DVD, NTV, Discovery Channel and many others..


chriscontrol performs live with keyboards, controllers, iPads in Real Time and forms continuously the sound. Live Dates coming soon !
As a DJ chriscontrol plays a lot of grooving stuff, from the old to the new school - it´s a big mix mashup funky housy trippin chill beach kind of party & chillout music.


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