LIVING EASY released

LIVING EASY- new Lounge Album by chriscontrol
Released: 25th November 2016
Jazzy, south american, classic Chill Grooves & Moods for your relaxing moments in Life.

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chriscontrol records releases

chriscontrol - CLOUDS
released: 2015
(c) cc records
Latest Release of chriscontrol in 2015.
A very moody and sometimes even dark Album. The Kick dominates and keeps the melody and basses pushing.
CLOUDS also features new musicians chris has meet and keeps the vibe fresh.

chriscontrol - Lion Dub Beats EP
released: 2014
(c) cc records
With Lion Dub Beats chris is following the path of dub and reggae influenced beats. Five fresh new Songs are treated with love and respect to the original creators of that genre. A follow Up Album with Vocals in mind is in production.
chriscontrol - Organic Beats
released: 2009
(c) cc records
This Album is deep. Break Beats melt into 4onthefloor. Melody meets beats and bass. Organic Beats ingredients are performed live and give it a little something for your soul, too.
chriscontrol - Winter Lounge
released: 2015
(c) cc records
Winter Lounge is the perfect companion for relaxed and these special moments around christmas season and more. Not the usual christmas record - you won´t find Jingle Bells - but a nice and smooth listening experience for the time of the year.

Artists produced by chriscontrol

Cain Johnson - Reset
released: 2015
(c) Cain Johnson
Produced by chriscontrol
Swift - Satisfy You
released: 2010
(c) chriscontrol & swift
Produced by chriscontrol

Funky & hooky Track. Satisfy You performed by Hamburg based Artist Swift is a dancefloor Hit. check it out.:)
Jantey - Can You Hear Me Now
released: 2010
Produced by aaron bingle & chriscontrol
Artist: Jantey
Da Unexpected - Timetunnel
released: 2009
Produced by chriscontrol

Peter Licht - Die Geschichte vom Sommer
released: 2003
Produced by chriscontrol & Dj Phono

Production Music

Feel Good Music Vol. 1
Production Music chriscontrol crafted for Popvirus Library. Good Vibes and a happy mood help creatives around the world to put the right music to their pictures and videos.
Kat.-Nr..: POP-PS-069
Verlag:  Popvirus Publishing
Label:  POPVIRUS Soundtrack
LC-Code:  LC-16067

Feel Good Music Vol.1
Feel Good Music Vol. 2
The Successor to Vol.1 . Even more happy tunes and feel good music.
Kat.-Nr.: POP-PS-110
Verlag:  Popvirus Publishing
Label:  POPVIRUS Soundtrack
LC-Code:  LC-16067

Feel Good Music Vol.2


Video Production

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